The Spaniard

The Spaniard – Out now on Amazon.

They thought they could kill without impunity. He’ll hunt them down

A legendary assassin driven mad with grief.

When the loved ones of one of the most mystical assassins in the world, the Spaniard, is killed, he plans a terrible revenge on those responsible.

Hugo Xavier, an ex-military from the Swedish special forces, is forced to leave his wife and newborn child in order to stop the maelstrom of destruction left by the Spaniard in his quest for revenge.

At the same time, a brutal, global conglomerate sees an opportunity to take over one of their competitors when the Spaniard wreaks havoc.

Hugo and his team must move with lightning speed in order to stop both the Spaniard and the conglomerate before more innocent lives are lost.

Fans of Mark Greaney, Jack Mars, Gregg Andrew Hurwitz, and Brad Taylor will love the Hugo Xavier thriller series.

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