JUGGERNAUT – the new Jonathan Jarl book – out now!

The fabled lost Inca treasure. An agent on a brutal mission. A race against time.
A part of the most legendary treasures in history, the lost Inca gold, is found and leaves tantalizing clues to where the rest of the treasure is hidden. It sparks an all-out race as Jonathan Jarl is thrown into the ride of his life.
A mega complex like no other rises in the South American jungle.
A brutal megalomanic leads the construction of Coricancha, a mega complex on the Ecuadorian border. At the same time, the spheres are going on the offensive and is making a push to claim part of South America as their own and launches a full scale attack and it soon becomes clear that Coricancha is in the path of the alien troops.
How is the lost artifact connected to the alien offensive in the jungle?
Ancient history clashes with near-future science fiction with the world at stake! If you love archaeological thrillers, you’re going to love the Jonathan Jarl Series.