He made a discovery that will change the world. Now, everyone wants him dead.

In a race against time, Pascal Archer, a history teacher, stumbles upon a mind-boggling revelation that has the power to alter the course of the world. Uncovering a cryptic map said to lead to the resting place of the legendary ruler, Genghis Khan, Solomon unwittingly becomes the target of a deadly game.
Nearly eight centuries ago, Genghis Khan breathed his last breath, leaving behind a colossal empire that still resonates through the annals of history. However, his burial site remained shrouded in secrecy, protected by a macabre tradition of exterminating all witnesses to ensure the secret endured. Yet, fate has chosen Solomon as the harbinger of this long-hidden truth.

As Pascal deciphers ancient markings etched onto a mysterious stone tablet, he finds himself drawn into the enigmatic depths of one of history’s greatest myths. But lurking in the shadows, a malevolent force emerges, determined to claim the grave’s fabled treasures for themselves.

Now, Pascal’s life hangs by a thread, and his survival hinges on reaching the treasure before his adversaries. Forced to traverse the globe, he must navigate a treacherous landscape of deception, where loyalties shift like shadows in the dark. In this treacherous game of international conspiracy, Pascal must wield every weapon at his disposal to stay one step ahead.

With time running out, Pascal’s quest becomes a desperate struggle for survival, forging unlikely alliances and unearthing long-buried secrets along the way. Will he beat the odds and locate the grave before the ruthless forces closing in on him bring his journey to a deadly end?

Pascal Archer is forced into a hunt across the world in an international conspiracy where nothing is as it seems, and he must use all means to survive.

Fans of J. Robert Kennedy and Dan Brown will love the Pascal Archer thrillers.