A writer’s worst nightmare

July 2019

Hello from Filip!

For years I’ve had a problem with a lazy finger on my left hand. For some reason, it has always been weaker than the others which is somewhat awkward when you dream about becoming a writer. When I type, I can usually type for about 30-40 minutes and then the lazy finger has a tendency to ‘droop’ and place itself squarely on the key ‘s’, which means that suddenly my screen is filled with a lot of s’s.

Bad finger…

So, today I went through a neurophysiological examination of the nerves to check if there is anything wrong or if this is simply something I have to live with. It took about an hour and involved a lot of tiny needles with a small amount of current running through them, I’ll spare you the details. Mission completed and now it’s a waiting game until the doctor calls with the results. Fingers crossed.

My arm being examined

But all is not bad since our trusted family dog is keeping me company. Stay strong.

Our family dog

Best regards,


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