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Updated versions of Tabula Rasa and Genesis

I’ve been working with my English editor to update both Tabula Rasa and Genesis. When I translated the books into English I was somewhat conscious that my English needed improving but I was not fully aware of the complexities and nuances of the English language and this was truly a humbling experience.

But lesson learned. It’s imperative to have a native English-speaking editor when launching for the US and UK market and I found an excellent editor that has worked with me for the past few months and now I’m happy to have uploaded the new versions to Amazon. Now the chore of overcoming the initial bad reviews will be the next hurdle to face. Onwards and upwards!

The Amber group files

Final preparation is underway to release the first of the personal files that are the property of the Amber group. The dossier in question is that of Jonathan Jarl. For the moment there is still some work left to do but hopefully, during June, the dossier will be placed on the website. It will not be downloadable directly. Instead, a redacted copy of it will be sent to those who sign up on the mailing list. A limited number of 100 copies of Jonathan Jarls dossier will be available. More information will be posted in June.