Preparation time

Each spring in Malmoe, there’s a science-fiction exhibition which I’ve been joining for the past two years. The theme of the exhibition is very wide, which means that all things remotely science-fiction related is welcome. There are authors with books, movies, cosplay and all other things imaginable.

The coming spring will mark my three-year anniversary and I’ve already now started the preparations for it. Each author is given a small space where to mount their stand, rollups and other things. And I’m waiting for the shipment of stuff I’ve ordered, fresh copies of Trident, roll-ups, flyers and so on.

It’s like being a kid before Christmas. When I get all the stuff, I’ll do a mock setup, take some pictures and post here.

Stay strong,



Technothriller series

While I wait for the editor to finish her magic touch with Trident, I’ve started work on a second series, with a new set of characters. This time it will be a technothriller series that is taking place in Scandinavia, Russia, and the UK around 2020. Exciting stuff, it’s always so fun to start drafting the characters, location, and plot. And I’ve also got the cover from the designer, small clip below.

Title at this moment is Revenge.

Have an awesome Sunday.



The Amber Group’s report on Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

The Amber Groups’s report on Tabula Rasa
Work is progressing on finalizing the Amber Group’s report on Tabula Rasa; the mega-complex on the coast of Madagascar. The report will be containing more in-depth information regarding the specifications and details of the complex and will be provided as soon as it is finished. Stay tuned.

A writer’s worst nightmare

July 2019

Hello from Filip!

For years I’ve had a problem with a lazy finger on my left hand. For some reason, it has always been weaker than the others which is somewhat awkward when you dream about becoming a writer. When I type, I can usually type for about 30-40 minutes and then the lazy finger has a tendency to ‘droop’ and place itself squarely on the key ‘s’, which means that suddenly my screen is filled with a lot of s’s.

Bad finger…

So, today I went through a neurophysiological examination of the nerves to check if there is anything wrong or if this is simply something I have to live with. It took about an hour and involved a lot of tiny needles with a small amount of current running through them, I’ll spare you the details. Mission completed and now it’s a waiting game until the doctor calls with the results. Fingers crossed.

My arm being examined

But all is not bad since our trusted family dog is keeping me company. Stay strong.

Our family dog

Best regards,


Updated versions of Tabula Rasa and Genesis

I’ve been working with my English editor to update both Tabula Rasa and Genesis. When I translated the books into English I was somewhat conscious that my English needed improving but I was not fully aware of the complexities and nuances of the English language and this was truly a humbling experience.

But lesson learned. It’s imperative to have a native English-speaking editor when launching for the US and UK market and I found an excellent editor that has worked with me for the past few months and now I’m happy to have uploaded the new versions to Amazon. Now the chore of overcoming the initial bad reviews will be the next hurdle to face. Onwards and upwards!